Protein Shake

Here is a delicious and healthy protein shake I made. There isn’t any dairy, meat, eggs or added sugar, so instead of drinking the expensive processed powdered protein shakes, give this a try.

This is a big protein shake, depending how much water you put in this it can make over 4 cups.


1 Cup of water (depending how thick you want it, add more if you want to thin it out)

1 Cup of whole strawberries (1g)

1 medium apple (0.5g)

1 large banana (1.5g)

1 cup of blueberries (1.1g)

1 cup of (Hodgson Mill) rolled oats (26g)

2 tbls of (Hodgson Mill) Flax/Chia seed Blend (4.5g)

¼ cup of (Hodgson Mill) Almond Flour/Meal (5g)


Protein: 39.6


Add everything except the oats into the blender and blend. Start to add the oats in slowly because the oats will soak up a lot of the juices so you may need to keep putting in water or you can just use only half a cup of oats.

You can also substitute the water for grape juice or apple juice, but I didn’t want any added sugar so this is why I used water. It is still very good.