Portabella Mushroom Tacos

Serves 3-5 people.


2-4 Whole Portabella Mushrooms

2-3 Large Tomatoes

1/2-whole head of Lettuce

1-2 oz Taco seasoning

Cheese (almond cheese tastes good on this too)

Taco Shells(hard or soft)

Chop up portabella mushrooms to small pieces, put in skillet with 1/4-1/2 cup of water. Not too much water because the mushrooms will release water on its own. Cook on medium low covered, after about 5-10 minutes when the mushrooms become softer add taco seasoning to taste. Let cook for another 5-10 minutes, keep checking, and when it becomes very soft, and shrinks, it should be done (taste for your liking).  Sometimes I add cooked rice and other veggies like green/red peppers (diced) to the mushrooms. Tastes delicious either way and makes a lot more. Add to shell with dressings and serve.