Overnight Chia Seed Meal

This is one of my new favorites! It’s like oatmeal but without the oats, the seeds soak up the milk so it does get thicker. This is a nutritious protein filled breakfast. 1 ounce of Chia Seeds has almost 5 grams of protein. I like a lot in mine so I usually use 2-3 ounces. This literally tastes like pudding. I use the Lakanto brand maple syrup because it is sugar free without the chemicals and toxins that are usually in sugar free foods. From what I researched this brand is also vegan, gluten free, gmo free, and has a low glycemic index. I don’t make  money by promoting Lakanto’s name either, it is a  brand that I researched and actually like the taste so I would rather have anyone to choose a good brand of Monk Fruit than regular sugar. This actually tastes like regular maple syrup, maybe a tad bit sweeter. If you know of any of brands please share!

Ingredients: (Preferably Organic)

  • 1 Mason Jar, or bowl with lid, or you can use just a cup/bowl and put a small plate over it.
  • Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk
  • Lakanto Maple syrup or Lakanto Sugar or even Stevia would work
  • Blueberries

This is how I do it:

I take a bowl and put in about 2-3 ounces of chia seeds (the more the merrier), then I take the unsweetened vanilla milk and pour it over the seeds(I pour until a half inch over the seeds), I put like a tablespoon of syrup over the milk and seeds and mix with spoon, then I add a handful or more of blueberries over all of that, put a lid over it and let it sit over night and its ready to eat in the morning.

Note: When using the syrup, be careful so you don’t make it too sweet, you can always add more in the morning. If you like the sugar then you  can sprinkle a couple teaspoons over the milk and seeds. And when using the stevia I am not sure how much because I don’t like the taste so I don’t use it often but I know it’s strong.