VAX to MARK (Tract) — Presents of God ministry BLOG

NOTE: This blog entry is a copy of my new VAX to MARK tract. After making the video (that was banned by YouTube) on this topic, the requests came in for me to make this available as a tract to hand out. It will be available on the poGm Tract’s page. You can download it…

VAX to MARK (Tract) — Presents of God ministry BLOG
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Israel vaccinated their entire nation for a beer.

Israel is the first nation to vaccinate all of their people. With this vaccine you’ll be able to go to gyms, cinemas, shopping and every where else like a normal person used to do. They even give you a free beer for doing it pumping more toxins inside your body. Why not? Everyone loves beer right? Did you also know these vaccines contain sugar? Yep! It is marked as “sucrose.” Did they forget that sugar lowers the immune system too? For several hours? Or was that their plan all along? And good ole’ Dr. Fauci is loving this nation wide FDA UN-approved immune lowering party. No, that wasn’t a typo, these vaccines are in fact unapproved, the FDA NEVER approved these vaccines, they “authorized” the emergency use of these vaccines, which is not the same thing as FDA approved. Not sure if that even matters since the FDA also approved toxic heavy metals in our foods, cosmetics and even baby food. Also make sure you read the side effects to these vaccines before you get poked, they are pretty alarming. I will name a few: pain, swelling of the lymph nodes, fever, chills, vomiting and death. So let me get this straight I may experience symptoms of this virus by getting vaccinated to avoid feeling these symptoms? I may also die by getting vaccinated to prevent death? Makes sense right? LOL Maybe to your average “brain washed” person. Do your research, it is all out there. Keep your minds healthy so you understand what is really going on. I have not heard any news channel talk about how to keep our immune systems healthy, they continue to push the vaccines. Now places like Israel is basically forcing their people to get the vaccine. How long will it take to get to your country?

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola,

“As of February 4, 2021, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) had received 12,697 injury reports and 653 deaths following COVID-19 vaccination.1

Of the cases reported between December 14, 2020, and February 4, 2021, 3.69% were life threatening and the number of deaths account for 5.14% of the total reports. The Pfizer vaccine accounted for 58% of deaths; Moderna’s accounted for 41%.

What’s more, when you look at vaccine-related deaths between January 2020 and January 2021, you find that COVID-19 vaccines account for a staggering 70% of the annual vaccine deaths, and that’s while having been available for less than two months. The first doses of Pfizer vaccine were given in mid-December 2020,2 while Moderna’s vaccine rolled out during the last week of December 2020.3

vaers results

While these numbers are staggering, they’re likely only a tiny fraction of the actual number of adverse events. According to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services study,4 fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are ever reported to VAERS.

This is primarily because VAERS reporting is voluntary. Many don’t even know it exists, or that you don’t have to be a medical professional to file a report. This would mean that there may, in reality, be over 1 MILLION COVID vaccine injuries, since 99% typically go unreported.

Report All COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

To address these shortcomings and monitor the public health effects of this mass vaccination campaign, the Children’s Health Defense is calling on all who have suffered a side effect from a COVID-19 vaccine to do three things:5

  1. If you live in the U.S., file a report on VAERS
  2. Report the injury on, which is a non-governmental adverse event tracker (you can file anonymously if you like)
  3. Report the injury on the CHD website

Children Are Next

Despite the clear and present dangers of these so-called vaccines, which are in actuality gene therapy, COVID-19 vaccine makers are steamrolling ahead with trials on children as young as 6 years old.

As reported6 by the University of Oxford, which is collaborating on a COVID-19 vaccine7,8 with AstraZeneca, children between the ages of 6 years and 17 years and 8 months are eligible for participation at four U.K. centers. Those over the age of 16 do not even require a parent’s approval but can consent on their own. The remuneration for those putting their entire future at risk is £10 (about $14) per visit.

A total of 300 children are scheduled to participate, 240 of whom will receive the candidate vaccine while so-called controls will receive a meningitis vaccine. The lack of a true placebo is a red flag in and of itself, as using a vaccine as a “placebo” helps mask any number of common side effects, making the vaccine appear safer than it actually is.

The AstraZeneca vaccine has received authorization for use in the U.K. but not the U.S. Contrary to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines authorized for use in the U.S., the AstraZeneca vaccine delivers double-stranded DNA for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein inside a chimpanzee adenovirus.9

Moderna started testing its RNA-based gene therapy on American children between the ages of 12 and 17 back in December 2020,10 and the first Pfizer trials involving adolescents began in mid-October 2020.11 In China, Sinovac and SinoPharm trials have been enrolling children as young as 3.12

Children Do Not Need This Vaccine

Considering children are at extremely low risk of severe COVID-19, and have been shown to not be a significant vector of infection,13 why do children even need this vaccine? Dr. Robert Frenck, lead investigator of the COVID-19 vaccine trials at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, told ABC News:14

“If you wipe out the infection in the younger children, they don’t spread it to the adults, and so then, you can get a big handle on disease just by targeting the younger children and getting the infection out of that age group.”

This is a standard justification, but it’s really little more than a mind game. In essence, children are being required to play Russian roulette with their health based on the premise that it will benefit the whole, but is it really reasonable to ask the youngest among us, who are at lowest risk from the infection, to sacrifice their health to, presumably, protect the elderly?

Studies15 have shown children not only very rarely transmit the disease, either between themselves or to adults, but also, if they get the disease, they virtually never suffer any serious complications. So Frenck’s argument really flies in the face of the available data. If children don’t transmit the disease, how can you get “a big handle” on it by vaccinating them?

In reality, this argument appears to be designed to coerce parents into vaccinating their children even though the public benefit from doing so is minimal. Rather than being a true public health incentive, it seems the drive to vaccinate children is more about increasing profits. Additionally, early reports suggest that the elderly also have a tendency to die shortly after the inoculation,16,17 which is raising suspicions and concern.

Adverse Effects May Take Years to Develop

In children, the side effects are likely to be less immediately noticeable, but may instead result in future health problems. In a Microbiology & Infectious Diseases paper,18 immunologist Dr. J. Bart Classen warns the mRNA jabs may instigate adverse events that take years to fully develop.19

“One such potential adverse event is prion based diseases caused by activation of intrinsic proteins to form prions. A wealth of knowledge has been published on a class of RNA binding proteins shown to participate in causing a number of neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and ALS,” Classen writes.

Since research had not been done to ascertain whether mRNA gene therapy might trigger prion-based disease, Classen conducted that study. He writes:20

“Analysis of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 identified two potential risk factors for inducing prion disease is humans. The RNA sequence in the vaccine contains sequences believed to induce TDP-43 and FUS to aggregate in their prion based conformation leading to the development of common neurodegerative diseases.

In particular, it has been shown that RNA sequences GGUA, UG rich sequences, UG tandem repeats, and G Quadruplex sequences, have increased affinity to bind TDP-43 and or FUS and may cause TDP-43 or FUS to take their pathologic configurations in the cytoplasm.

In the current analysis, a total of sixteen UG tandem repeats (ΨGΨG) were identified and additional UG (ΨG) rich sequences were identified. Two GGΨA sequences were found. G Quadruplex sequences are possibly present but sophisticated computer programs are needed to verify these.

The spike protein encoded by the vaccine binds angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), an enzyme which contains zinc molecules. The binding of spike protein to ACE2 has the potential to release the zinc molecule, an ion that causes TDP-43 to assume its pathologic prion transformation.”

mRNA Vaccines Are Actually Gene Therapies

As detailed in “COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines,” these inoculations are more accurately described as gene therapies, and by referring to them as “vaccines,” the U.S. government is likely in violation of the 2011 U.S. Code Title 15, Section 1125,21 which regulates deceptive practices such as false descriptions in medical claims.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,22 a vaccine is “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.” Immunity, in turn, is defined as “Protection from an infectious disease,” meaning that “If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected.”

Neither Moderna nor Pfizer claim this to be the case for their COVID-19 “vaccines.” In fact, in their clinical trials, they specify that they do not even test for immunity.” To read the entire article go to

This is only the beginning people, the worst is yet to come, more crazy laws/rules are going to happen and most will accept them like they are with the vaccines and masks. Sounds like practice to see how easily it will be to control the people. The END is closer than you think. Yea yea yea they have been saying that for years. Well if you studied the bible prophecy you would understand why they have been saying this for years and what has happened during those years and what is coming. We need to stay healthy and closer to God. Eat a healthy diet, get fresh air and exercise, read your bible and pray.


The Israeli government passes a new law giving out the names, addresses and phone numbers of those who refuse the vaccine. That’s 2.6 million people according to the NY Times! Is this what they will do when the Sunday laws pass to the true followers of Christ who refuse to break the TRUE Sabbath? It is all practice now to see who will abide for their real agenda! We don’t have much time left folks! Get your life ready for Christ’s return before it is too late!

To learn about Sunday Laws CLICK HERE.

To learn about the Signs of the times CLICK HERE.

Need a Church that preaches from the Bible? CLICK HERE.


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Pharmaceuticals in your drinking water!

You’re going to be shocked by what you see in this 14 minute video. I am only going to play a few minutes of it in the video I plan to make to let many know what’s being said all throughout. For it to get to this point means they have been working on this…

Pharmaceuticals in your drinking water!
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Depression is in the air.

As we enter into 2021, I can’t help but wonder if this year will get any better. So far it still feels like nothing has changed. Why is this? I think this is a question we should all ask ourselves. I know we can’t stop the mask deal, shutting down small businesses or stop the rising anger but we can try to help them, we can change how we are living our lives, right? Of course, we can! Stop for a minute and look around you, look at yourself, what are you doing today? Are you worrying about going to a store? Are you worrying who’s going to be President or what is going to happen after or on the inauguration day? Are you sitting on your phone scrolling looking at all of the negative posts or news? How does this make you feel? Not happy right? Of course not, this is going to create anxiety, anger or something else negative. The first thing you need to do is shut off your social media and news from your phone, try not to look at it for 1 or 2 weeks and see how you feel. I bet you feel better. If you have to look at it for work then do so only for work, nothing else. See how this makes you feel. There are other things you can do besides sit on your phone. Read a book and learn something or take a walk outside, go hiking, ride your bicycle. Work on that book or project you have always been wanting to do and make a difference in your life as well as the people around you. Be known for your happiness and positivity. You don’t have to follow what the world is doing; it will only bring you down and those around you. This is a proven fact. I see loved ones that used to be so happy turn to these angry paranoid people because of it. I have felt the change in myself when I used to be in it, it was horrible! Then I stopped listening and watching these platforms and the news and I felt so much better, my energy even improved with adding walking to my daily routine. You can change if you want to, you just have to put in the effort, nobody will do it for you and it will be nobody’s fault but your own.

Have you ever tried reading the Bible? Like really studying it. It doesn’t have to be boring. There is a free online bible study that I LOVE doing. You can print it out here, it is in different languages as well. If you really want to know what is going on in this world, the truth that is, read the Bible and study prophecy. You will be amazed at what you learn and discover. There is so much out there that you don’t know, stuff that already happened that the Bible said would happen and of course the media won’t tell you about that because odds are, they don’t know either, and they probably wouldn’t even care or believe it because they are so wrapped up in this world. Click here to learn prophecy. They are so wrapped up in politics or what dress Selena Gomez had on last week or why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having marital troubles when they probably are just fine but if the news says they are then you will believe it and they know you will too.

So in order for anything to get better or improve in your life you have to take the first step. Try something different. Especially with God, He protects and helps His obedient children. Don’t wait around for someone to drop a box of money or your dream job on your lap, you have to work for it. Just because our world is messed up does not mean your life has to be too. You can make a difference in your life and in the life of others too. This is what we should strive for, happiness, and we can if we let God be in control. Just stick with Him and you won’t be sorry. You will probably lose some friends, or get made fun of but is Happiness not worth it? Is Heaven not worth it? I lost so many friends, and even family members who don’t talk to me anymore because I don’t like to drink anymore, their definition of fun is getting drunk and/or doing drugs. I would rather get a good nights rest and get up early and hike a mountain, ride a bike or something active out doors. It bothered me at first but now I understand these are the people I don’t want in my life. If you can’t respect my beliefs then I don’t want you in my life either, it’s that simple. Being healthy and keeping my mind clear is very important to me.

There is this verse from a song I know and these lyrics always stuck with me. “To get everything that you want in this life you have to put your beliefs on the front line.” It went something like that. This is very true. When you put your beliefs, especially with God first you WILL get everything you want. God promises us a lot of blessings.

Remember when everyone thought cars were going to be flying in the year 2000? Funny to think about it huh? LOL The only thing flying is the time. It is flying by so fast. Can you afford to waste any more time on nonsense?? We are not getting any younger. Start your journey today with God. You won’t regret it.

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

-Phillipians 4:19

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Healthy Vegan Protein Shake

Protein Shake

Here is a delicious and healthy protein shake I made. There isn’t any dairy, meat, eggs or added sugar, so instead of drinking the expensive processed powdered protein shakes, give this a try.

This is a big protein shake, depending how much water you put in this it can make over 4 cups.

1 Cup of water (depending how thick you want it, add more if you want to thin it out)

1 Cup of whole strawberries (1g)

1 medium apple (0.5g)

1 large banana (1.5g)

1 cup of blueberries (1.1g)

1 cup of (Hodgson Mill) rolled oats (26g)

2 tbls of (Hodgson Mill) Flax/Chia seed Blend (4.5g)

¼ cup of (Hodgson Mill) Almond Flour/Meal (5g)

Protein: 39.6


Add everything except the oats into the blender and blend. Start to add the oats in slowly because the oats will soak up a lot of the juices so you may need to keep putting in water or you can just use only half a cup of oats.

You can also substitute the water for grape juice or apple juice, but I didn’t want any added sugar so this is why I used water. It is still very good.

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How is this election affecting you?

Who do you trust?

With this election going on; anxiety, depression, anger, and confusion are on a rampage. Why? Because the people are once again forgetting about God. Do you remember when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt? They too forgot about God, even after God repeatedly gave them what they wanted, they were never satisfied. This led them to the same feelings while turning to idols and/or man, kind of like what the people of today are doing. Have more faith. Quit complaining and relying on man to lead the way. Whoever wins this election God will STILL be KING and RULER over you and He will still help you. God is the ONLY one who will lead you to where you really need to be.  Trust God.

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The struggle is real. Let the Truth set you free!

With 2020 starting off as the worst year for some, many people are feeling hopeless, angry or confused on what to do next. They don’t know whether to walk with the sheep or fight. Unfortunately, most will walk with the sheep out of fear, the others are brainwashed. Let’s be honest, it’s easier to walk with the crowd then to stand alone right? This is so true on so many levels! This is because of the lack of trust in God. If you think about it, most people only go to God when they need something, God knows this, and when God doesn’t answer their prayers, they give up on Him or blame Him rather than analyzing their relationship with Him. You can’t say you have a close relationship with God if you don’t read your bibles, the bible is Gods Word and He says to stay in it. The bible says everything we do or say should be to honor God (1 Corinthians 10:31). You should be leaders in Christ, not followers of the Satan or world.

There are people especially kids who are claiming they are gay, trans or denouncing their faith because the “cool kids” are doing it or they see how much attention they get by doing this, they will go to great lengths for popularity and this is only going to get worse. Many teachers today are the cause of this nonsense because instead of being a good teacher they are confusing these kids. Children are so vulnerable; this is why it is so easy to fool them into thinking there’s make believe people like Santa Clause. Social media is a big reason why these kids are so confused, depressed or angry. Suicides are at a all time high and this was before plandemic. Can you imagine how they are now? And now with this mask rule our children will get worse, not only is it unhealthy for the lungs, their brains are getting messed with because they can’t see facial expressions. This is a big deal with babies and young kids. I read a study done with newborns, they used a fearful face, neutral face and happy face. Babies didn’t seem to have interest in the fearful and neutral faces but when it came to the happy face they stared a lot longer. I know babies are too young to discriminate what is what but why did they look at the happy face longer!? Perhaps they like it? Maybe it made them happy? Happiness is a benefit of health, smiling happy babies have prolonged health.

I read an article in the Education Plus Development by a couple early childhood education consultants who wrote “Children look for emotional cues from caregivers to interpret novel or potentially threatening situations. That is, children rely on their caregiver’s facial expressions and tone of voice to regulate their response toward people and new situations. The development of this emotional communication is referred to as social referencing, and occurs between infancy and the early preschool years.


Think about the following situation: Ruby, a curious infant, crawls up to the oven and is about to touch it when she turns toward her mother and sees a fearful look on her face. Ruby is not very likely to touch the oven, fortunately, because she looked to her mother for clues on whether touching the oven was safe.

Researchers have studied social referencing in babies that are just starting to crawl using the “visual cliff,” a large plexiglass-top table with a checkered pattern. In the middle of the table is a visual drop off (what looks like a sudden drop, but the surface is actually uninterrupted and completely safe to crawl across). The baby is placed on one side of the table while the mother stands on the other side with a fun toy. The mother is instructed to smile or make a fearful face. In most cases, when babies see a smiling face, they crawl across the cliff, but if they see a fearful face, they choose not to cross the visual cliff.”

Like children, adults are getting confused too! From unhealthy diets to the main stream media. Most people are on some kind of anti-depressant or prescription drug, and since this covid hoax came into play more are getting worse or result in drugs. People don’t realize they are getting unhealthier by locking themselves indoors, and/or wearing masks all day. Have you heard about all the people getting bacterial infections in the lungs? What do you think breathing in your bacteria does to your body, brain and lungs? Just imagine someone with gingivitis wearing a mask all day, let that sink in. There are hundreds of doctors making videos (that are getting deleted by youtube, facebook or twitter) about how masks can actually harm the body. I will have links below to some of these video’s, they are worth watching so you can prepare yourselves if you or your kids are forced to wear masks. What we really need to be doing is researching and preaching how to keep our immune systems up, strong and running properly. With all these chemicals and garbage in our foods these days our immune system is more compromised and vulnerable to getting sick. The evidence is there but nobody wants to believe it because their “leaders” talk against it.

How has this Covid hoax effected your life? Did you lose your business or your mind? Are you struggling to figure out your next step? Like, how to pay your bills or eat? Unfortunately, most people are. What people don’t know is things like this are supposed to happen and will only get worse. This is why we need to open our Bibles and study the Word. The Bible will open your eyes to what is happening and what is to come. Study prophecy. If you are serious, God will help you. HE will give you food to eat, and money to pay your bills. Like the Bible says, “With God all things are possible.” Sometimes we have to be at our lowest to see God’s hand, but God’s timing is perfect! Fortunately, God knows our hearts so He knows if we are serious. It is time to let God take control of your life, who else is going to fix this? It doesn’t matter who you are; it doesn’t matter what you’ve done; it doesn’t matter if you never learned about Him; it doesn’t matter if you are an atheist or a Satanist, if you let Him in your heart He will show you He does exist. Truth is, “the world” has been trying to take God out of everything since day one! Why? Because Satan knows God is much powerful than Him and Satan wants to take as many souls to burn with him in hell when that time comes. This is why the devil wears the sheeps clothing to lure people into sin, do you really think he will come dressed as a scary demon? Of course not, but when you have these false preachers or fake media telling you what you want to hear or scaring you with all of their lies they’ve been telling for thousands of years you are going to believe it. When you tell a lie long enough people will eventually believe it. Do you own research, find the Truth! Let the Truth set you free!

Pandemic info


Gum disease affecting the lungs

The importance of Facial Expressions

Expert physician Dr Kelly Victory in disaster preparedness and masks

Osha experts in air quality and masks

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Soon they will blame us for their BOILS — Presents of God ministry BLOG

The mindset to blame Christians for the increased calamities and then the plagues is already well cultivated. Proof? Check this out. “Actress Sharon Stone is blaming “non-mask wearers” for her sister’s COVID-19 diagnosis. The Basic Instinct star told her two million Instagram followers that her sister, Kelly, has been hospitalized with a case of coronavirus. “One…

Soon they will blame us for their BOILS — Presents of God ministry BLOG
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Reason for Pandemic Summarized — Presents of God ministry BLOG

I’ve been asked quite a few times as to what I think of all that’s been happening with the planned-demic and bought and paid for rioters. As usual I send a list of the blog entries (see below) that touch on this. But that’s a lot of reading or video watching as I made a…

Reason for Pandemic Summarized — Presents of God ministry BLOG
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COVID19, 5G, New World Order?

With all these stay at home orders one can only wonder how things are going to be when people start to socialize again. They keep talking about the next “big wave.” Are they talking about FLU season? If they are, you know they will be labeling all the flu victims as Covid 19, why wouldn’t they? They are already labeling everything and anything as covid. If it is not the FLU then it’s going to be from all the sick people that have been barricading themselves into their homes. Think about it… many people have been isolating themselves from any human contact for months, they are literally sitting inside their dusty, stagnant germ filled homes because the media scared them so much into thinking even if they were to go in their own back yard uncovered they will get the corona virus. How sad is that!? Anywhere you go people are wearing masks and gloves indoors and outdoors, inside cars, or to check their mail constantly breathing in the same bacteria filled breath avoiding any kind of fresh air and sunshine whatsoever. It is almost like they are in a trance. Have you ever seen someone answer their phone at a grocery store with gloves on? Or get their wallet out with gloves on? Or dig through their purse or pockets with gloves on? I see it every time I go into a store. These are the sheeple, they don’t have a clue! They are doing what the media is telling them without thinking.

Do you really think you are saving yourselves by sitting inside your home? Ask yourself these questions: Are you getting enough sun? Did you know the sun is actually healthy for you? Did you know it provides you with vitamin D? Are you getting enough fresh air outside? Did you know your body needs fresh air? Did you know, like the sun, there are so many benefits from fresh air? (helps with digestion, strengthens your immune system, clears your lungs, improves blood pressure, etc…) Are you eating more? Are you gaining weight because of you’re eating more? Are you losing weight because of the lack of interest in everything? Are you drinking alcohol more? Do you have more anxiety? Are you more depressed? Are you moving enough so your blood circulates correctly, and so your body digests your food properly? One last question, do you always have your phones, laptops, electronics on around you? Of course you do, if you haven’t heard about radiation from these electronics I suggest you do some research, especially on the 5G radiation poisoning. So not only are you slowly dwindling away from the unhealthy lifestyle that you are now living, sitting home all day on your phones/laptops/ear buds means you are constantly getting radiation poisoning, you all have Wifi right? Did you know radiation poisoning has very similar side effects to the Corona Virus? And if you do get the virus or the FLU for that matter you are at high risk because these viruses like Corona, attack the cells in the lungs too. Makes me think, is it really the radiation hurting us? We all know the FLU is more dangerous than the Corona Virus, but thanks to the media’s fake news people are freaked out and going crazy.

Most hospitals are lying saying they have Covid19 for money, do you know the Bible states “the love of money is the root of all evil.?” How evil are you if you are lying about the amount of “infected” patients you have? Do they realize what they are doing to our country? Let alone their own souls? The more they lie the more our country is on lockdown, the more people will freak out, the more riots, the more killings, etc…

Think about this scenario for a minute. Let’s just use “CNN” as an example since they love to make up stories. So if CNN reports that this virus is the most dangerous virus man has ever encountered and this will make us all sick and possibly kill us all, then the people hear (from the news) that hospitals are being overwhelmed with patients (it doesn’t matter if the hospitals are empty or not, the truth doesn’t matter at this point), people will either lock themselves in their houses, arming themselves to the full extent just in case someone tries to get in or unmask them, or if you are in a grocery store someone coughs on or near you or tries to take your mask then you get shot and killed. Then people are getting more depressed in their homes, they start drinking, eating more, then they are prescribed more drugs or higher doses, they start to get confused, lonely, broke, all these feelings are creating hate towards anyone that comes in contact with this person or the voices that are in their heads, they especially have hate for the people who aren’t falling for the lies and fear because in their heads these people are the enemy. What do you think stuff like this leads to? Suicide or mass killings!? When people go crazy it will eventually affect those around and/or near them. And to think this all started because of the Fake News! It is all about control. This is a test to see how difficult it will be to control us for the Agenda2030.

2017 video NWO

2018 video NWO

2020 video NWO

More info if that wasn’t enough.

This control thing goes way back. Do you recall back in the 1938 when the radio host Orsen Welles played a joke on his channel about aliens invading the earth? People freaked out! This is how much control the media has over us!! Movies and music play a part in controlling us too, anything we watch will affect our brains. Do you remember the mass murder at the Batman/Joker movie in Colorado? Then he boobie trapped his apartment because he learned it from a movie he watched and “liked it”?  I remember when I was a kid watching TV with kids talking about how they learned certain things from movies/TV shows they watched, like hurting someone, or trying to fly, etc… I was just reading the other day how 3 kids from Phoenix Arizona let a black widow spider bite them to see if they would turn into Spiderman, can you believe it? What were they thinking? Do they really thing Spiderman exists? If so, why?

All these troubles, fear, anxiety, worry, anger, hate will keep playing over and over if you allow it. History will literally keep repeating itself. The lack of trust in God is what’s killing everyone. If you trusted Him you would not be this fearful. You need a change and the time is now! His promises is what’s going to keep you happy and relaxed.

This “stay at home order,” or “test” that is happening did do one good thing in my opinion. It made people, stores, restaurants, etc. a lot cleaner. For now… but in all seriousness you should be keeping up with your health on a daily basis. This is what will help you decipher what’s right and wrong, and most importantly it will help you understand the Bible better. This world isn’t getting any better, it will get a lot worse very soon. Take action now! Be ready with your health and God, there’s not much time left.


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