Frequent coughing can be from a number of things, see your Physician if it doesn’t go away. I am not a doctor, the information I talk about is from my personal studies or personal use.

There is a herb I read about called Lobelia, it is a plant and is used to make medicine. According to the Natural Remedy Encyclopedia, a few drops of lobelia under the tongue every few minutes will relax the muscles and may loosen mucous. Be sure to drink enough water and other liquids, so the mucous does not become thick. WebMD states lobelia is used for breathing problems, including asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough and shortness of breath(apnea) in newborn infants. They also say that some people take lobelia as a sedative to help them relax. Other people use it to increase sweating.

According to the book “Back to Eden, By Jethro Kloss,” This should be taken with caution when taken internally. This is safe when taken externally. It also talks about how great this is for whooping cough and that there is nothing that will as quickly clear the air passages of the lungs as lobelia. It goes on and says a tincture, made as follows, will stop difficult breathing and clear the air passages of the lungs if taken a tablespoon at a time. You will need:

Lobelia Herb:   2 ounces

Crushed Lobelia Seed: 2 ounces

Apple Vinegar: 1 Pint

Soak for two weeks in a well-stopped bottle, shaking every day. Then strain, and it is ready for use. This is also good used as an external application, rubbing between the shoulders and chest in asthma.  It mentions that it is a good rule to always give a stimulant before administering lobelia, or to combine a simulant with it.

Dr. H. Nowell reports that forty years ago he was asked to try to help a case of asthma in a patient where the regulars, after consultation, had declared the patient’s cough could not be stopped. To stop the cough, they declared, would stop the patient. The case was a woman forty years of age, and at the time seven months pregnant with her first baby, The asthmatic spasms were most trying, the patient being unable to lie in bed, and she would tear her throat, fighting for breath, and bother her and her husband begged of their doctor to stop the cough..

They were told that nothing could be done until after the child was born. The husband was given a one-ounce bottle of the acid tincture of lobelia and instructed that a teaspoonful be given when the spasm came on, with instructions to give the second teaspoonful ten minutes later….if necessary.

The next morning, upon inquiry as to the patient, he (the doctor) was told that almost immediately after taking the first dose the patient brought up long, thick masses of phlegm from the lungs the size of a man’s fist. No further dose was taken and the patient has never had a trace of asthma or any trouble since.

Dr. Nowell’s method of making the acid tincture is as follows:

Lobelia Herb: 2 ounces

Lobelia Seed (crushed) 2 ounces

Best Malt Vinegar 1 pint

Macerate these ingredients in a closely stoppered bottle for 10 days to 2 weeks, shaking every day. Strain off and bottle for use. This is the formula he has used for nearly 30 years.

Another formula for the acid tincture of lobelia is as follows:

Lobelia Seed (crushed)  2 ounces

Lobelia Herb  1/2 ounce

Cayenne  1 teaspoonful

Malt Vinegar: 1 pint

Macerate 10 days in one pint of malt vinegar, shaking well daily. Strain and bottle for use.


The pictures below is what lobelia looks like. According to The lobelia plant (Lobelia spp.) is an attractive annual herb with many varieties. Some of these even include biennial species. Lobelia is an easy-to-grow, carefree plant that enjoys cool weather. This summertime bloomer will continue to produce flowers on up through the first frost. Growing lobelia is an asset to the garden.


lobelia1 lobelia2




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