Common Cold

Colds are a general inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory passages. Symptoms include nose and throat irritations, watery eyes, fever, headaches, chills, muscles aches, and temporary loss of smell and taste. A heavy cold may take form of acute or chronic infection, such as grippe, tonsillitis, sinusitis, bronchial catarrh, chronic cold, or a similar virus type infection.

According to the Natural Remedies Encyclopedia, The differences between a cold and flu are as follow:

  • Headache- Prominent in flu, but rare in a cold.
  • Fever- Frequent and sudden in flu, but rare in a cold.
  • Fatigue- Extreme in flu and can last 2-3 weeks; there is only mild fatigue with a cold.
  • General Aches- Common and often severe in flu; slight in a cold.
  • Sneezing/Runny Nose- Occasionally in flu; common with a cold.
  • Cough- Common with flu and can become severe; only mild to moderate in a cold.
  • Sore Throat- Sometimes with the flu; common with a cold.

What causes this? In one sense, the cause is a variety of viruses. But in another, the person has allowed themselves to become run down, so the virus was able to take hold. Factors which lower the body’s resistance to virus infections are overexposure to cold, fatigue, recent or present infections, lack of rest, allergic reactions, inhalation of irritating dust or gas, over eating, sugar consumption and wrong eating.

The common cold is not an infection that leaps out and attacks an innocent passerby. It is not even a disease. A cold is the Cure of a Pre-Diseased Condition. The symptoms are attempts by the body to reestablish normal conditions. The body is carrying out a “spring cleaning.” A cold is the result of not living on the best level. Once it arrives, it cleanses toxins from the system and, along with rest, enables the person to get back into better shape. A cold is actually a blessing; it forces people to rest who, otherwise, would prematurely develop debilitation, chronic, and life-threatening diseases.

The cold virus can change size and shape, making it impossible to produce a suitable vaccine. There are more than 100 viruses which cause colds. Symptoms last for 7-14 days, regardless of therapy. The incubation period is very short (1-3 days) instead of 10-21 days for most viruses. The cold seems to suddenly appear.

So when you get a tingling nose and throat, sneezing, nasal mucous, or scratchy throat, don’t wait for coughing, weakness or a fever to begin!

Do not ignore a cold and drag on with your work. As soon as it develops go to bed, drink fresh lemon juice in water and settle down to getting well. Treatment should include vitamin C as much as you can without producing diarrhea (up to 5,000 mg at a time). In acute cases, 1,000mg of vitamin C every other hour is recommended. Also take Bioflavonoids (200-600mg) which is a powerful antioxidant. Along with the vitamin C, small amounts of garlic are excellent germ fighters. Vitamin A (25,000) units for no more than a few days. Vitamin E (600Units). Zinc gluconate lozenges. Vitamin F (unsaturated fatty acids) reduces the frequency and duration of colds.

In acute stages when fever is present, abstain from all solid foods and only drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices, diluted (50-50) with water, plus herb teas, like Echinacea which greatly strengthens the immune system and is a powerful antioxidant. Other Herbal teas that are helpful are rose hip, golden seal, slippery elm, chamomile and ginger tea. The proper treatment of colds is to encourage elimination through all channels so that elimination through one channel does not become excessive (urine, bowel, sweatings, showers).

Avoids chills; get adequate bed rest; and take a slight amount of salt, to replace that lost in sweat. Gargle three times a day with saltwater (1 glass of warm water with one half teaspoon of salt mixed in). Take a hot shower. There is also water therapy, you can take a hot Epson salt bath while drinking sweating teas.

Avoid aspirin, especially dangerous for children since it causes internal bleeding. When children who have certain viral infections take aspirin their risk of developing Reye ’s syndrome is greatly increased. This is rare but fatal brain and liver disease. The same applies to cold medicines containing aspirin.

Every year, American consume over 16 Billion aspirin. A drug that kills many persons legally each year! This is a nonprescription drug that never cured anyone!

We live in a drug-oriented society, our water is drugged with chlorine and fluoride (sodium fluoride). Chlorine is a bleaching agent. Sodium fluoride is used as a roach and rat poison. If there is enough chlorine in the water you drink that you can smell it, there is enough chlorine to destroy the friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract and thus deprive your body of important vitamins that these friendly bacteria manufacture for us, including vitamin B12.

Our foods have been drugged with some 7,000 different chemicals (drugs), and colorings (drugs). About 1 Billion pounds of these drugs per year are consumed in America, that is over Seven pounds for every man, woman and child every year! Then we get sick from the drugs in our drinking water and from taking devitalized, drugged, so called food substances into our body, we call the medical doctor. The medical doctor, a doctor licensed to practice prescribing of drugs writes a prescription for some more drugs, which is taken to the pharmacist. The pharmacist dispenses and sells the drugs. The sick person, whose sickness may quite possibly be a drug reaction from drugged water and food, then takes these additional drugs, supposedly to cure his illness. How pathetic… and we think we are so knowledgeable.

A headache is a natural warning signal from God, warning us of an internal problem. How does the average American react to this warning signal? Why, they take an aspirin or two, or three and sometimes even more. I know I have taken a lot for headaches, sometimes even 5 or 6 at a time. What effect do these aspirin have on the body? They drug the body, thus relieving the pain, and short circuit the body’s warning device. Instead of taking pills, we should find the cause, eliminate the cause, and the headache will go away. And it will stay away as long as we stay away from what caused the headache or illness in the first place.

It is sad that the medical profession has spent billions of taxpayer’s dollars trying to find the cause and cure for the common cold, but never have and never will. Why? Because they are looking for a germ or virus, and that is the wrong place to look. As stated above, a cold is nothing more than our God-created bodies making an effort to cleanse itself of an accumulation of toxic waste.

So instead of taking drugs for every symptom like medical establishments have told us to do for our colds let the body do it’s job and heal itself without drugging it. And remember after you take an aspirin for your next headache or runny nose, although your symptoms went away, the poisons that were trying to make their way out of the body are still in the body and will try again. The next time, it might be another cold, or it might be something more serious, like cancer. Stay Healthy by praying, exercising and eating right.

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