Natural Remedy for PARVO

Signs of Parvo:
• Feces has a bad smell
• Bloody Diarrhea (often severe)
• Puking
• Lethargic
• Fever
• Loss of appetite

The key for dogs to survive Parvo is to keep the dog hydrated. The number one reason dogs die is from dehydration (from puking and diarrhea) The gastro-intestinal tract undergoes the most damage. Because the first 72 hours are critical do this through the night even if your dog is sleeping. Most deaths from parvo occur within 48 to 72 hours after the onset of symptoms.

These are the steps that helped save my dog.

1. Try to get one of those behind the skin IV’s from your local vet (instructions and/or ask your vet) Every day, when the water bubbles go away put more in the animal. Remember that since the dog pukes and/or frequents diarrhea the dog will get dehydrated so this won’t work alone, but will help.

2. An enema with Aloe Vera juice mixed with colloidal silver (u can make your own), first store the Aloe Vera in fridge, warm it up to room temperature (stove), instructions. The colloidal silver stays at room temperature in dark glass with plastic lid (metal cancels it out so don’t use metal spoon, lid, bowl or anything when using colloidal silver) The first 72 hours are crucial for the dog’s survival so the enema has to be done frequently (we did it every 2 hours, the quicker you start these remedies the higher chance the dog has to survive.

3. You can do Aloe Vera juice alone for the enema if you don’t have colloidal but colloidal helps in so many ways so if you can get it or make it, it would be more helpful. Aloe Vera naturally cures the gut (get proof) (we did)

4. Colostrum Vitamins 3 times a day. (Puppies receive protection in colostrum from their mothers.)

5. Probiotics 3 times a day

6. Vitamin C, 1-3 times a day (start with a low dose then gradually increase, if given too much this can cause diarrhea)

7. Don’t forget to show your dog love and be supportive, stress hurts the body.

8. Dog needs to be isolated with possibly newspapers or potty mats that you can keep changing. Any signs of feces/urine/puke it should be cleaned right away.

9. Pray. When our Rottweiler was sick he was less than a year old when he got Parvo, we did everything above with prayer and he was healed. Thank you, God.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice are:
• Hydration
• Anti-Inflammatory Properties
• Helps get your body Alkaline
• Helps heal leaky gut
• Relieves Constipation
• Detoxes
• Encourages good gut bacteria

Benefits of Colloidal Silver:
• Antibacterial and Antimicrobial
• Wound Care/Skin Health
• Pink Eye/Ear Infections
• Antiviral
• Anti-Inflammatory
• Sinusitis
• Cold/Flu
• Pneumonia

To learn more about colloidal silver and how it can even heal the ebola virus, check out these videos.

Video 1

Video 2

You can buy a little gadget to make nano silver and colloidal silver. The Brand I have is Silvonic Cs Generator, I received mine as a gift and I believe they paid 50.00-100.00 at the time for it.

Or you can go on YouTube and make your own for a lot cheaper.

Make your own at home.

Benefits of Probiotics
• Digestive Health
• Decrease in Antibiotic resistance
• May improve mental illness
• Boosts Immunity
• Decrease in inflammation

Benefits of Colostrum
• Reduces Inflammation
• Supports Gut health
• Promotes ligament and muscles healing
• Strengthens immunity