Eye infection/troubles

So many years ago when I first bought my kitten he was sick. It seemed to look like a cold, he had runny eyes and nose. Some of it was green so I know it was some kind of infection.  So before I took him to the vet I wanted to try a remedy that I read about or maybe a family member told me about it, it was many years ago so I can’t remember. What I did was brewed a herbal tea, I believe it was echinacea. After I let the tea bag sit in the water for a few minutes I took it out and waited for it to cool down a little but remain warm. After it cooled down I put the tea bad over my kittens eye for about 2 minutes and even squeezed some of the warm water into his eyes. I repeated this on both eyes for 2 minutes at a time 3 times a day for about 2 weeks. He didn’t freak out either, it was almost as if he liked the warmth over him, maybe reminded him when his mother licked his eyes? I don’t know. I decided to do this until the oozing was gone. It took about 2 weeks. After that he was fine. I only had to take him to the vet for his overall check up and shots. The doctor did say his eyes were fine and he didn’t look sick. I use this remedy to this day on my cat and every dog I ever had after that and it worked every time. I told friends and family about it too and they said it worked as well. So I need to thank God for his wonderful natural herbs, Thank you God!

I do want to mention of another remedy that I have used on my animals as well as myself. It is called activated charcoal. This has to be carefully done, it could potentially scratch the eye. With bad infections, allergies, and even cataracts I would mix a tablespoon of activated charcoal (organic) or 4 capsules in a half cup of water and mix it and I took an eye dropper to suck some of the mixture through and put about 2-3 drops in each eye. The dogs don’t like this and neither do I because it burns a little (not too bad) but I always aim for the white part of the eye, and I even soak the rest of the mixture in a paper towel and wipe the eyes or hold it over the eye for a minute. I would do this 1-3 times a day. With the cataracts I did it 3 times a day. My dog got used to it and almost wanted it in his eyes because I would give him a treat right after. The doctors were amazed on how this took his cataracts away. It took a few months, maybe even a little longer for them to disappear, I can’t remember exactly how long. But we did see a difference after 3 weeks.


P.S. I’ve actually used both of these methods on myself and it works like a charm! Click hear to read more