Pain Management

The benefits of massage therapy are often over looked when it comes to pain management.  Many people will use conventional medicine like drugs, injections, or even surgery which often provides very little relief to alleviate pain rather than seeking out and treating the true cause of the pain. The soft tissues of the human body (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, etc.) are responsible for more pain, injury and dysfunction than any other system in the body. Chronic pain, repetitive strain and restricted motion can deplete your levels of health and vitality. According to  Physician’s Guide to Therapeutic Massage, there is no shortage of clinical studies and case reports suggesting the far-reaching applicability of massage in pain management. It also mentions that in a randomized controlled trial, they found that gentle Swedish massage applied post-operatively improves affective, sensory pain and distress in women following abdominal laparotomy. The report of the Quebec Task Force on Spinal Disorders states that massage may be the most frequently used therapy for musculoskeletal disorders, and makes particular reference to its usefulness in controlling pain. Breakey suggests that massage of intensive and post-surgical patients can decrease the amount of medication required for pain modulation. In another case report, Marshall reports that a patient with chronic pain achieved complete relief for the first time in 12 months with only two treatments of ice massage. In this case, the patient’s spouse was instructed in the technique to deal with recurrences. There are many more studies and case reports that have been done for pain using massage, resulting in analgesia.

Chronic pain can also be due to obesity and/or weak muscles. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is also very important in relieving pain. Eat healthy, and exercise to keep you’re insides and outsides strong, healthy and happy. Most importantly, pray and ask God to help you to get healthy, stay healthy and have the motivation to do this. Put God First and you will have anything and everything you need.

pain pic

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