Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the earliest remedial practices of humankind and is said to be the most natural and instinctive means of relieving pain and discomfort. When a person has sore, aching muscles, abdominal pains, a bruise or wound, it is a natural and instinctive impulse to touch, press, and rub that part of the body to obtain relief. Even artifacts have been found in many countries to support the belief that in prehistoric times men and women massaged their muscles and rubbed herbs, oils and various substances on their bodies as healing and protective agents. According to research reports, in nearly all ancient cultures some form of touch or massage was practiced. These ancient civilizations used therapeutic massage not only as a pain reliever but also to improve their sense of well-being and physical appearance. Massage has been a major part of medicine for at least five thousand years and important in Western medical traditions for at least three thousand years. Massage was the first and most important of the medical arts and was practiced, developed, and taught primarily by physicians. It has been written about extensively in medical books since 500 B.C. and was a major topic in the first medical texts printed after the discovery of the printing press. In the British Museum, records reveal that as early as 3,000 B.C., massage was practiced by the Chinese. They had a ancient book called The Cong Fou of Tao-Tse which described the use of medicinal plants, exercises, and a system of massage for the treatment of disease and maintenance of health.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy is also sometimes referred to as “Medical Massage,” and is it the predominant practice model of massage therapy in Canada and European countries. In British Columbia, for example, massage therapy is fully accepted as part of the health care system, and approximately 70% of patients treated by Massage Therapists do so on referral from a physician.

The general therapeutic benefits of massage therapy help the person move closer to optimal well-being by creating positive outcomes in that person’s life. Some examples of the benefits that massage and body work offers are:

  • Mental and Physical Relaxation
  • Improved Circulation
  • Enhanced Energy & Vitality
  • Symptomatic Relief of Excessive Muscle Tone and other Non-Specific Musculoskeletal Aches and Pains
  •  Greater Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Psychological Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety and Stress are found to be reduced in Men, Women and Children with Diabetes, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Cancer, Burn, Post Burn, HIV Positive, Multiple Sclerosis, Sexual Abuse Patients, During Pregnancy, Fibromyalgia, Labor and Delivery, Premenstrual Symptoms, People With high Stress Jobs and Many More. Massage also helps with depression, anger, sleep, immune function, and so much more.

The natural way of healing without any harsh drugs and/or chemicals has been around and used for centuries, even a Greek Physician named Herodicus of the fifth century B.C. prolonged the lives of many of his patients with diet, exercise and massage using beneficial herbs and oils. Hippocrates (460-380 B.C) a pupil of Herodicus was known for his code of ethics which is still used today, called the Hippocratic Oath. This oath, which incorporates a code of ethics for physicians and those about to receive medical degrees, binds physicians to honor their patients’ secrets, and prescribe no harmful treatment or drug. Ironically, on May 14, 2014, introduced a report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Centers (CDC) that prescription drugs are playing an increasingly larger role in the United States, with nearly half of all Americans taking one of more medications.

Unfortunately, in the beginning of the twentieth century massage therapy took a turn for the worse and started to decline in scientific and medical use due to corruption of the practice. There were numerous abuses in education and practice of massage practitioners such as desperation for money which led to prostitution in massage clinics and caused a severe blow to the reputation of the profession. Instead of trusting in God to help, they chose the worldly way to solve their issues. The bible does say in 2 Timothy 3:1 “This know also, that in the last days perilous time shall come” and in 1Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” Incidents like this are expected, the bible said it was going to happen and it happened. Some of us fail to remember what Matthew 19:26 from the bible says, “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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