Study Prophecy

It’s important to study prophecy so you know about the prophetic events that has happened and the ones that are soon to come. We need to understand the Bible now more than ever. I think if more people studied prophecy and really understood it our world would be a little better because then they would see the importance of God’s Law and why we should obey it. I know when people see the word “obey” they get emotional, especially now a days. It could be anger, sadness, anxiety, or just arrogancy, and maybe it’s because they feel like someone is trying to control them or they think of a cult, well that is not what is going on here. The people of God want to follow God’s Law because they Love Him. God’s promises are amazing, and always having a protector feels pretty good, and Heaven is the best gift of all. People who truly love God want to show Him that they are worthy. Just like a relationship you have to prove your loyalty to your boyfriend/girlfriend so they will want to marry you. Or even a friendship, you have to prove you are a good friend. Do you think your friend would want you around or anything to do with you if you only went to them when you needed something? Of course not. Same with God, how do you think He feels when you only talk to Him when you need something, then get mad when your prayer isn’t answered. We need to prove our loyalty to Him as well.

With studying prophecy you will see how it matches up with what is going on in our world. You will learn all sorts of facts you would have never knew unless you studied it. A few examples; you’ll learn how the Sabbath was changed and who was behind it, you’ll learn about climate change is not real and why they are talking about it so much, what they are going to use this excuse for and who is behind that as well. Yes, just like the Bible said, “the winds will change” but there is a lot more to it. So start studying prophecy today so you can see what is really going on and so you can be ready for the events of the future. Below are videos and links to help you get started if you want to learn. And have your Bible ready, the King James Version not any of the new versions because those are corrupted (missing verses, changed verses or added verses). Don’t believe me? Click here to read about that.

Also, there are many more videos, information, prophecy study tools, etc but it’s just too many to list. If you are interested is seeing these click here or go to and go to the “PROPHECY” tab and this is where you will find everything. For free. God Bless.

Pure Facts In Prophecy #1 Church and State

Pure Facts In Prophecy #2 Seven Hills

Pure Facts In Prophecy #3 Scarlet Colored Beast

Pure Facts In Prophecy #4 Blasphemy

Pure Facts In Prophecy #5 Ten Horns

Pure Facts In Prophecy #6 Antichrist’s Origin

Pure Facts In Prophecy #7 Antichrist’s Political Power

Pure Facts In Prophecy #8 Pope’s Killed for 1260 years

Pure Facts In Prophecy #9 Was- is not- Yet is

Pure Facts In Prophecy #10 Antichrist Drugs all Nations

Pure Facts In Prophecy #11 Antichrist Rules the Elite

Pure Facts In Prophecy #12 Antichrist Hates the Bible

Pure Facts In Prophecy #13 Christianity mixed with Paganism

Pure Facts In Prophecy #14 Beast Affirm Sunday its Mark

Pure Facts In Prophecy #15 Antichrist Sanctions Satanism

Pure Facts Prophecy #16 Antichrist Preaches another Jesus

Nations Divided Exactly as Planned

Civil War is Coming

Climate Sunday Laws Discussed

Muslims will keep Sunday Holy

Short Clips we can’t ignore- Sunday Law are Coming

Climate Change Sunday Law Discussion November 2022

More Videos about the Sunday Law Here


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