Suicides Matter

I’m not a good writer but when I feel the need to write I write, especially if it means helping just one person. Recently, a friend of mine’s daughter committed suicide, she was only 20. This seems to be a normal thing these days with the younger crowd according to the statistics. I started thinking of all the funerals I’ve been to, and thinking how I never gave much thought of how bad some of these people are hurting inside and the long trauma some will experience going forward. Then I started thinking what their plan was on handling the pain. Will it be drugs? Booze? God? Then I started remembering what I usually saw at funerals, it all seems the same. It usually goes something like this: people are sad, distant relatives and friends get together for the funeral, some showing up for looks, some blame themselves, some fight over who was closer to them, some blame others, some set up family gatherings out of guilt knowing it will never happen, and then bam, it’s over. Before you call me heartless, let me explain.

I know not all people who go to funerals are bad, but in a world of neglect and pride, bias and arrogance still exists. Every one of those people will be hurting in some way. Some will commit suicide but “within” themselves, meaning a little part of them dies and some don’t even know it. They go into a deep depression and sometimes isolate themselves. Those who used to be extroverts, become introverts. Those who used to be happy are always sad. The very weak ones sometimes end their life because they don’t know how to handle the pain. The stronger ones live with the pain but constantly have a dark cloud over them. People say it gets better with time, but does it? Maybe a little, but there will always be guilt and sadness for the people who think they could have helped, or for the people who think it’s their fault, or even for the people who fight over who was closer out of guilt. The fact is we all hurt inside and what matters now is how we deal with this pain.

As I mentioned earlier about my friend’s daughter killing herself, after she died everyone was in shock and didn’t have a clue she was feeling this way. From what I know this young girl grew up without a dad because he had addiction problems, he would come and go throughout her life so I’m sure her depression and neglect started young. As I was studying her social media pages, I could tell she was “seeking attention.” Although she never asked for help on her page, it seemed it was love and attention she was searching for. I scrolled through some sad posts, some were random pictures of herself that people call “selfies,” and if you really studied her eyes, you can see her pain, and I noticed she barely had any “likes” on her posts. I mention “likes” because unfortunately they are sought after these days, especially by the younger crowd, it’s because social media is “real life” to these people. People will do anything for a like, a follow, or just a view. They post half naked pictures, constant happy selfies or off the wall stuff in hopes of getting those followers. Social media is getting more and more dangerous and people don’t see it. The suicide rates for young women keep increasing every year! Even the failed attempts of suicide. In this past year alone, these attempts increased 26%. How sad is that? I remember watching videos of “how to kill yourself” or “how to cut yourself.” I am not sure if these still exist but I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it that’s why I looked it up on YouTube. Like this young woman who killed herself there are many more girls, boys, older women and men who hide their depression or misery. I have friends who are constantly posting how happy and great their lives are too. I remember sending messages to some congratulating them on their happiness and a few “liked” my message and some said thank you and one said, “it’s just a fake book post, not how I feel, Facebook can be deceiving.” So, you see, you never know how someone is feeling inside. 

I have friends who aren’t afraid of admitting they see a therapist and one recently told me her therapist suggested posting her problems on Instagram to help with their depression. Maybe? But so does writing it privately in a notebook, right? Isn’t that kind of the same thing but better? The benefit of this is you won’t see posts that got you depressed in the first place. There are also studies showing how being off of social media will help with your depression. I know having someone to talk to helps but I don’t think they always give good advice. Another interesting thing I found out from friends is that their therapists see therapists too and are also on psychotropic drugs. I am not knocking people who are on them but I just know by research, case studies, testimonies, and my own health that eating a healthy diet and having proper exercise can actually prevent and cure these mental issues. Once in a while I have arguments about this but I have seen too much proof that this works to think otherwise. We can detox to good health, cure diseases, mental illness/issues, cancer, etc… but that’s a whole other topic. Back to the dangers of social media. Our world lacks role models, our role models are deformed living barbie dolls. Some of these social media “influencers” don’t even look like the pictures they post in real life and the ones that do, most of them look very fake, in a bad way. Yea some look good too but most girls think this is how they are supposed to look. Some of these young girls spend thousands of dollars to look like these people or they do “dirty deeds” to get the money to get plastic surgery. Unfortunately, this will not end because these ignorant young girls and boys look up to these so-called influencers. If Kim Kardashian posted more pictures about education, praying to God, eating healthy, reading the bible, or dressing appropriately, her followers would most likely do exactly what she does. Well, most would, our world is so corrupt it would take years to undue the brain washed minds. The real and most important truth that will change these minds is our GOD and most don’t understand this or don’t care and it’s most likely because God isn’t “cool” in their circle, or they never were taught about God-these people really exist.

Let me tell you a little bit about integrity and morals, it seems like they don’t exist anymore. Nobody wants to be “authentic” or “natural” and it’s sad. Being honest, true and having respect for yourself died a long time ago when body issues came into play. If it’s popular, they do it or want it. I felt like this before, I’m sure we all have. It’s like having a tattoo, they all have them. Again, I see all these posts about “be authentic, real, different and natural” from people who aren’t. Being authentic, real, different and natural is not doing what everyone else does because it’s cool, it’s doing what is right and healthy for you. Staying natural is a minority now, and soon will be unheard of.

In conclusion, losing a loved one, having bad thoughts or depression is hard to cope with. Click here and click here to read about bad thoughts. So, how do we deal with the pain from losing a loved one? How do we deal with feeling alone? How do we deal with feeling guilty? How do we deal with feeling unloved? How do we deal with hating ourselves because we think we are dumb? How do we deal with hating our bodies? That’s easy, with God. Before you roll your eyes and throw your laptop/phone across the room, let me explain.

When was the last time you felt happy? When was the last time you felt sad? Did you ever pray? Did you ever learn about God? How? What were you taught? How were you taught? Did you ever read the Bible? If so, how often? Most importantly, how did it make you feel? We all have different experiences in life with God. I hear many praises of how God healed them or their family member, even their animals. I heard praises of people getting promoted out of nowhere, it’s an encouraging feeling hearing all of the blessings’ people get from God. Here are some links of amazing praises from people from all around the world. There are years of testimonies to listen to but here are the last few testimonies Sabbath we had. Dec042021 Nov062021 10202021 We have them every month on Sabbath! Check out our times and days we have fellowship. Click Here. Truth is, God can make the impossible possible. He can change minds, situations, feelings, He can make you feel happy. Now think about the bad memories people made you feel in the past. Maybe you were physically abused or verbally abused by a spouse or whomever you were dating. Maybe you grew up without a dad or mom, maybe you were abused as a child, maybe kids at school teased you. Most of us have bad memories and sometimes it’s these old feelings that haunt us. Feeling unloved is a big one especially if you had only one parent growing up or witnessed a parent walking out of your family. Whatever the issue is God can make these bad feelings disappear, you won’t have to feel those feelings anymore. What do you have to lose by putting your trust in God? Some friends or time? For one, if your friends can’t respect your beliefs then you should not have that friend in your life because this is not a true friend and this is the kind of friend who will eventually betray you. If you are worried about wasting time, then think about all of the time you wasted on your current problem/issue that you still have today. One thing you can be sure of is God won’t ever make fun of you, God won’t ever stop loving you, God won’t ever betray you, God won’t ever call you bad names, God won’t ever physically abuse you, God won’t ever spread lies about you, God won’t ever make you feel jealous, and God won’t ever walk out on you. Prayer is a powerful thing. So, you need to get close to God so you can have these Blessings poured upon you! Some people asked me what they can do to get closer to God so here are a few things I always recommend:

  • Pray every day, talk to God, be real. Get on your knees and tell Him your problems and ask for help. Speak from the heart. You can ask for anything, and you can tell Him anything. God knows your heart so He knows how sincere you are. I don’t ever leave my house without praying and asking God for protection and help for the day as well as praying for others too. I also don’t ever go to sleep without praying to God, and asking for protection and asking Him for forgiveness of my sins I committed that day and I always ask Him to help me to overcome those sins too. Sometimes when I am alone driving or walking I talk to God in my head. I always like to have God on my mind, it is a good feeling. Especially when I first wake up or before I go to bed.
  • Read His Word (the Bible). Even if you don’t understand it, eventually you will. Prove your loyalty to Him. Read the King James Version, stay away from the “new” and “revised” Bibles, there are a ton of verses missing, added and changed. God frowns upon people who change His Word, just because it’s easier to understand doesn’t mean it’s right. It’s like you writing an article for a magazine and someone changing the whole meaning of it. Would you be happy about that? I doubt it. If you are going to read a revised one anyways keep the King James Version next to you and compare, you’ll see what I am talking about. Click here to read about the bad bibles.
  • Keep the 10 commandments, yes they are still valid today, click here to read about it. And understand the commandments, these are His rules He made for us to live by. It seems like the 4th commandment is the one commandment that is always twisted. “Keep the Sabbath Holy,” the Bible says the seventh day is the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11), NOT the first day (Sunday). Why would you go against what God’s Word says? Because a preacher said it’s ok? God says “…He does not change” In Malachi 3:6, why would He say that if He didn’t mean it? The Bible also says in Revelation 22:14 “Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.” It also says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever” in Hebrews 13:8. Read about the Sabbath Here. If your pastor talks against what the Bible says then you need to leave that church.Be a leader not a follower.
  • When you start to feel evil around you, or having bad/anxious thoughts. Cast out the devil. You do this by saying “leave devil in Jesus name!” You have to say “in Jesus name” after it. And you have to say this out loud because the devil can’t read minds, only God can. You don’t have to yell it or scream it, you can just say it. And then pray for help.
  • Be a good role model. Be yourself, how God made you.

YOUR LIFE IS WORTH LIVING – The Bible says God does not give us anything we can’t handle, there is always a way out. It may seem like your life is crashing down but WITH GOD your life will be the best life you have ever lived! You being dead has NO benefit to anyone, especially your soul. Killing yourself is still a sin, it is the sixth commandment. The Bible also said that no sin is allowed in Heaven, so if you kill yourself (sin) where do you think you are headed? FYI- The Bible also says God winks at our ignorance, meaning, if you did not know it was a sin you will not be judged by it. So STAY ALIVE- Get to know God, He is waiting for you.

-To the girl who thinks she isn’t pretty enough, you are. You are enough for God and this is all that matters. You don’t have to ruin your natural body to please others. The Bible says You are …”fearfully and wonderfully made…” Psalms 139:14. Looks aren’t everything, but your morals, integrity and devotion to God is. Looks won’t get you to Heaven or make you happy.

-To the person who feels unloved, you are loved. You are loved by God and this is enough. Get to know God so you can feel His love and blessings. Family and friends can be tricky when it comes to showing love and emotions. Some have problems they hide that they take out on those close to them because they don’t know how to deal with their own emotions, pray for them too. I’m sure they love you they just have different ways of showing it. But God can change this too. He can change the people around you as well. He can take away the bad people and bring in the good. Being alone isn’t bad, especially when you have God. When you let God lead your life you will see a lot of changes and they will be for the best, you may not realize it right away but you will one day.

-To the person who thinks they aren’t good enough, you are. You are good enough for God and that is enough. Maybe you are struggling financially or physically or maybe you are homeless; God can change all that. We all have some kind of talent and maybe yours is changing something in this world. Maybe you have a talent of talking with people or helping others. God will help you get to where you are supposed to be in your life. Miracles do happen but you have to be willing to let go of your troubles and let God take over your life 100%, this means being sober, trusting God, reading His Word, and keeping His 10 commandments.  

-If you are in an abusive marriage/relationship that you can’t get out of God can help you. God works in mysterious ways. He can change your situation or even change your spouse/loved one. Through your dedication to God there will be changes and it will benefit you for the better. I have seen this first hand of God changing situations, changing the minds of people that were once thought impossible, taking bad people away, bring good people around, punishing bad people, etc.. God is our Armor, His Word says: ”…vengeance is mine; I will repay, sayeth the Lord..” This means He will fight your battles for you. You just have to change your life to be better with God and will you. He will keep you, your children, and your family safe if you let Him. God knows our hearts, so get on your knees and pray for help and a better life with Him.

-I know many people are sick of hearing about God, I know some personally. And these are the people who aren’t truly happy, or dealing with some kind of issue for years but think the government or some other human being is going to make it better, and still they wait. I’ve heard it all! Like “where was God when I needed Him.? Or why didn’t he cure my sickness? Or why did He let this person die? I can say the same thing about our government and/or medical professionals. I don’t have all of the answers but I know God has perfect timing for everything, He also has a reason why He allows things to happen. I really think everything happens for a reason. God isn’t an evil tyrant but the devil is. All bad comes from the devil. When we let God lead our lives, He helps us. He is our protector. He will take care of you IF you let Him. His Word promises us. I know people are embarrassed when it comes to God because in order for us to be obedient children, we have to keep His 10 commandments and let Him lead. This is called discipline. Discipline is key to conquer everything. Look at the top athletes, they win because of discipline. Or small businesses that become millionaires, they were dedicated and never gave up and kept going and they got what they were looking for. This is the same with God, you can’t give up on Him because He didn’t answer a prayer or because something goes wrong in your life you have to believe and understand He is your only solution to your problems. You have to dedicate your life to Him, let Him lead, show your loyalty to Him by being an obedient child of God and you will be rewarded and you will finally feel satisfied, because God is enough.

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